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Last week I attended the Presbytery Meeting of Toronto Southeast Presbytery. It’s part of the role of the President of Conference to attend each Presbytery at least once in the two year term.

As I was heading south that day, I made the best use of my time and resources, by scheduling two other meetings, prior to the evening Presbytery. And then something wonderful happened. My afternoon meeting was finished much earlier than I had anticipated. No only did this mean that I had lots of time to get south of the 401 before traffic hit, but it meant that I could go to the beach.

I will confess that I have never been to the beaches in Scarborough (one does not leave the North to find a beach in the south – one simply drives a block from home).

But this meant that I was missing out on the Bluffs,
The Bluffs are amazing…. an actual wonder,
That’s the message I took to the Presbytery. You are unique. You have something to offer to the world, that will inspire awe and amazment… something that no one else has. Share it and let it be known.

So here’s a challenge for all of you this week. Go somewhere you have never been before and let that new adventure amaze and inspire you.

Blessed Be