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Toronto Plans Budget Cuts

Toronto City Council is debating a budget for the coming year which will cut services to the poor.

We can’t let this happen. 
Please encourage people of faith in your community to take a few minutes to let city councillors know we must stop letting more and more people fall in to poverty.  Please forward this email, and let your community know.
It is important for us as people of faith to bring attention to suffering caused by the increasing poverty in our city.  Please find time in the coming week to phone or email your local city councillor and Mayor John Tory.  Tell them you want more in the 2017 City Budget to end homelessness and hunger, and to help adults and children to escape poverty.  If you have time, it wouldn’t hurt to contact other city councillors, too, not only your local one. 
Please consider asking your friends and neighbours to get involved in doing this, too.

Find your city councillor with this link to a Ward Map and all the councillors for the CIty of Toronto: