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Headshot of Audrey Brown with title: Here I StandIn July of 1957. St Peters Church held a garden fete. It was a full day of activities, common to that time. Crowning of the Rose Queen, a fancy dress parade, a local band playing some music for entertainment and an evening dance. I imagine it was a typical church event. Someone planned it, made the arrangements, worried about the weather. Someone organized, and made, and brought the food. Tickets were procured and sold. I suspect, as in all churches, people disagreed about what to do, and debated all of the little details of the event.

Everything about it smacks of a typical church running a typical church event. In other words, just a church doing what they do. That’s why I take great delight in noting that the music was played by the Quarry Men Skiffle Group, and if that doesn’t ring a bell, would it help to say that the church is in Liverpool England?

On that day, at that church event. John Lennon’s skiffle band, the Quarry Men played, and that day he met another young man, named Paul McCartney, who wanted to join him. Paul knew a young lad named George Harrison, and later they were joined by Ringo Starr to become the Beatles., as we know them.

I like that story because it reminds us of something important.

Our task is to be the church, to do what we do – to worship and work, have some fun, to support our young folks and their dreams, to facilitate the events, prayers, and happenings that bring people together, and to let God take care of the rest.

The church today spends much time worry about the results they will yield. When they have an idea, it gets lost in these questions… will it be a success? will it make more people come to church? will it make enough money? will everyone agree that we should do it?

St Peters Church in Liverpool in July 1957 did none of that, they just did what they do…and amazing things happened.

In this New Year, full of promise, may we all seek to do the same.