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Snippet – April 1, 2017
Northern Waters Presbytery Meeting

St. John’s United, Alliston, hosted the April 1, 2017, plenary meeting of Northern Waters Presbytery. Presbyters brought donations of non-perishable food items. We welcomed new presbyters and guests. Rev. David Allen, Executive Secretary of Toronto Conference, was in attendance for his annual visit.

The theme of the worship, led by Rev. Sally Ann Longfellow, Rev. Neil Parker and Pat McDonough, was unity. As we approach Holy Week, we reflect on Jesus. Jesus prayed for people that we all would be one. Communion was served.

Presbyters elected, chair-elect/ chair as of July 1, 2017, Margaret Krauter, to serve a two-year term. General Council 43 meets in July 2018 and NW voted for delegates whose nomination will be forwarded to the Toronto Conference annual meeting in May. Our slate, as General Council 43 Commissioners, (OM) are Janet Jones, Neil Parker, and Patti Rodgers with alternates being Kristal McGee and Karen Ptolemy-Stam. Our Commissioners (Lay) are Ed Elliotson, Marg Krauter, and Cassie Vermeer-Korittko with alternates being Mary Ellen Parsons and Robert Tite.

Each of the Commissions shared what they are working on.

The next deadline for requests for grants is the end of September for the November plenary. Recently, representatives from the four Presbyteries met with Presbyteries of Toronto Conference Corporation and shared concerns. There are stipulations in the guidelines that a community of faith is not able to apply for grants for accessibility. Changes that are made to the physical location also become accessibility issues. The Governance Commission would like to remove this stipulation. There are other situations that won’t be funded that are often an issue in rural areas, such as, upgrades for water / septic systems. The stipulations were put in place when there wasn’t much money in the fund. A motion was passed to eliminate criteria from the 10% and 20% grants. A letter will be sent to PTCC.

The Program Commission is busy with plans for Rendez-vous to be held in Montreal in August. They need home group leaders and chaplains. A group of Youth are preparing and raising funds for their mission trip to Nicaragua.

For each of the remits, we heard an overview then we broke into small groups for discussion. In the large group, questions were asked for clarification and thoughts shared. We voted on “the three council model” and “funding a new model”. Both passed. We spent some time on the “one order of ministry”. As this remit is not due until February 2018, we will do more work on it in June.

To close the day, chair, Rev. Dennis Posno shared an Audrey Hepburn quote “People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed. Never throw out anyone.” He ended with the benediction.

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