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“We breath peacefully and calmly for those who can not.  We breath and become connected to the earth.” (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Today we remain very aware of the earth,  just past earth day, in the midst of beautiful spring days.  The rain washed earth is suddenly green.  The lawn is growing – and will soon need to be cut.  The weeds have found root in the garden, and invite us to sort and refine our vision of that part of creation which we claim. 

We are connected to the earth.  This is evident in spring time, as we carefully wait to see what the spring day brings.   A brisk wind will make the day cooler, while the strength of the sun will leave warm our hearts and souls. 

We have much to learn from the earth.  It’s sense of renewal and seasonal timing, it’s connectedness.  The earth sings to us in the springtime.  It sings, of colour and promise, and patience.  We must wait and watch, bide our time until all is ready. 

Such is life, rainy days and sunshine, waiting and watching, all with a sense of timing and purpose.  We should be as patient with ourselves as we unfold, and with our lives as they unfold according to the way and timing of the universe. 

“Often the journey of transformation is steeped in mystery and you can not see where you are going.  Be Brave.  Because sometimes leaps of faith leads to the most wonderful of adventures.” (Illuminating souls)

Enjoy the earth today, and everyday.  Smell the rain and bask in the sunshine, make some plans and sit back and watch the earth renew itself, and us.

Blessed Be