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” For every hour spent organizing an hour is earned” Benjamin Franklin
I think I may have caught up. 
I haven’t of course, my list of to do’s still has not done’s on it.  Perhaps you know the saying:  “God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind that I will never die.” – Bill Watterson

I feel caught up – i have long since given up the idea that the list would ever be finished ( in fact I genuinely believe the purpose of life is to live into the list and live out and love  the list. )

But sometimes I fell the stress of the list – when I do, I realise that I am overwhelmed.  My cue for this is usually when I forget to do things.  In fact  two weeks ago I misplaced my keys, forgot my phone at my house on the way out the door for a long day, and misplaced more than one piece of paper, in addition to forgetting a meeting, and an important deadline.

That was my cue to take a week off – so I did – at least  from the things from which I could take a week away.    Other realities had to be attended to – but it gave me enough breathing room to sort myself out.
To clean my house and get myself back to centre. 

Now I feel caught up – the list still looms and I postponed a thing or two – which will make for a busy week this week and next -I will still have to deal with the consequences of what I forgot –  but I am back to feeling like I’ve crested the top of the mountain – and see the beautiful view of life from where I sit.   

“Being organised doesn’t mean that you are perfect. It means that you can handle what is going on in your life” (Sabrina’s organising)

May God bless us in Mess, in the order, in the chaos, in the laughter, tears, and frustrations of life, in the overwhelming moments and in the overwhelming moments of peace.  May we feel loved by God for whoever we are today.

Blessed Be