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At the June 2019 meeting, Toronto Conference Executive endorsed The Forward Movement campaign seeking to lobby the Ontario government to amend the Building Code and Highway Traffic Act allowing the use of the Dynamic Symbol of Access.

The Dynamic Symbol of Access illustrates movement, a symbolic action used to emphasize differing abilities. The current sign depicts a stationary person with emphasis on the wheelchair. Portrayed in this way, people with disabilities are unfairly represented as unable to move, helpless and dependent. The Dynamic Symbol of Access, by portraying a person in motion, brings ability to the foreground. Now the person, and what they CAN do, are the main focus. The change is also meant to spark conversations to educate about the importance of removing barriers making Ontario more inclusive.

Read more about the history of the international symbol and the current discussion at the Forward Movement website. Here you will find the link to sign the petition, get the graphic and stickers and join the conversation. Toronto Conference is in the process of updating our use of the symbol and furthering plans to deepen the conversation about disability and all aspects of being an affirming ministry.