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170620 Presbytery Snippets – Print


Presbytery meeting at First United, Owen Sound.

The chair of the council at First United Church welcomed everyone. The Presbytery chaplains who provide support to ministry personnel were introduced: Rev. Karen Ptolemy-Stam, Rev. Sandra McLauchlan-Abuja, and Rev. Heather McCarrel. Heather is new to this position.

Rev. Cathy Hird and Rev. Dennis Posno presented the certificates to the following Licenced Lay Worship Leaders: Barbara Downie, Ed Elliotson, David Forbes, Muriel Lush, and Penny Squirrel. Sue Scottinwood and Lorna Bywater were absent. They are available for supply work and their information can be obtained from the Presbytery office.

Rev. Kristal McGee presided on behalf of Toronto Conference at the covenanting service for Rev. Kathy Underwood. Rev. Dennis Posno presented Rev. Kathy Underwood to the court as she covenanted with the Presbytery recognized chaplaincy Grey-Bruce Healthcare Chaplaincy: Chapman House (Grey Bruce Hospice). Guests present took part in this service.

Rev. Kristal McGee shared in word and photographs her sabbatical taken last year on Haida Gwaii (formerly the Charlotte Islands). She wanted an opportunity to be centred. She wanted to follow through on the reconciliation and to attend congregations that were intentional and listened for the stories. She found the gift of solitude while she was away. She connected with people and had chance to be creative and found kindred spirits. Kristal did not plan ahead; she had the freedom to be nimble. She travelled with people she met. She also had time to reflect. She did some yoga meditation. She also went with a Kairos group who were protesting the creation of a dam; 600 paddled together for 10 km. The sabbatical was a positive experience.

The Educational Component in the afternoon was Remit 6: One Order of Ministry due February 28, 2018. It was the last remit from General Council 42 to be considered by the Presbytery. Rev. Dennis Posno explained the process for the day and the overview of the remit. The panel presentation included three with different educational backgrounds: Designated Lay Minister (DLM) Ann Harbridge serving at Trinity Centennial United Church at Rosemount; Diaconal (DM) – Mary Elizabeth Piercy serving at Nottawa-Rob Roy Pastoral Charge; Ordained Minister (OM) – Thérèse Samuel serving at Grace United Church, Thornbury. They were asked to speak to the following questions: What are the educational requirements to become a DLM, DM, OM?; Why did you choose your particular stream?; What are you doing in your current role? and What are your thoughts on “One Order of Ministry? The three supported the proposal. After their presentations, people broke up into small groups to discuss the proposal to have only one order of ministry. After the discussion, questions and thoughts were brought to the full court. The vote was taken by secret ballot. The vote passed.

Rev. Kristal McGee thanked the Rev. Dennis Posno for his leadership as chair during the last two years. Dennis passed the stole to Marg Krauter, from Durham United Church, the incoming chair.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Iles, Presbytery Secretary