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Rev. David Allen

Some of you will have heard or seen the news from the General Council office that Remits 1 to 4 have all passed by very large majorities.  Thanks for the work you did to ensure that discussion took place and that votes were held and submitted.  The passing of the remits means a significant time of change is upon us as a church. 
The same is true in my own life.  About a month ago I was approached to see whether I would be willing to become the Project Leader for implementing the remits if the remits passed.  After discerning with a small group of people, I agreed to be open to the Spirit’s moving, and now that the remits have passed, I am letting you know that I will be leaving Toronto Conference to begin this new, challenging work on August 1.
I was called to a Conference staff position in January, 1989 and have been Executive Secretary since 1995.  A long time!  I have felt so blessed in this ministry, and genuinely have mixed emotions about leaving just as this major change is about to unfold.  However, this also feels like a call to work with the entire church to do some of the things we’ve done as a Conference, plus a lot more. 
Over the years we have been through some difficult times when we have needed the prayers and assistance of other parts of the church; there have been times when we have been pulled and stretched and sometimes been pushed to be better servants of Christ; and there have been moments when we have exercised our calling to be generous people of faith who care for others in deed as in word.
As I leave, my greatest appreciation is for the incredibly talented group of staff and volunteers who have listened intently to where God was leading us.  Thank you for your support, counsel and prayers over the years.  I’ll continue working with you and others throughout the church to make this transition the best and most faithful it can be. 
Two last items:  1) I will be taking holidays July 15-31, inclusive with Jody Maltby and Anne Shirley Sutherland as Acting Executive Secretaries.  2) President Audrey Brown and General Secretary Nora Sanders have begun the process to name my replacement.
David W. Allen (Rev.)
Executive Secretary, Toronto Conference
The United Church of Canada