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Headshot Jody Maltby
Rev. Jody Maltby, Executive Secretary, Toronto Conference

Toronto Conference is pleased to announce that effective August 1, 2017 The Rev. Jody Maltby will be the Toronto Conference Executive Secretary.

In order to find a replacement for the position made absent by Rev. David Allen’s move to Project Manager for the Remit Process within a short time frame for a position that will end approximately 18 months from now, the hiring has been done internally.

Jody comes to this role from her position as Conference Minister for Vision and Mission in Living Waters Presbytery. In Living Waters Jody worked closely with volunteers on program and policy development and governance and she provided support and oversight to local congregations. As Conference staff Jody coordinated the Right Relations program and gave leadership in the areas of stewardship and Mission and Service. Jody has specialized training in managing transitions, mediation and dispute resolution.

In addition to her experience in the United Church, Jody’s background in community legal work brings organizational and administrative efficiency as well as a socially informed and compassionate perspective from the non-profit sector.

Jody received a Diploma in Diaconal Ministry from the Centre for Christian Studies and has completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English at York University.  Jody was commissioned as a Diaconal Minister by Toronto Conference in 2012.  Jody is an active member of St. Paul’s United Church in Orillia where she has been a key leader in the visioning process and spiritual growth programming.

Jody’s personal interests include liturgical dance and she loves to take part in community theatre.

Please keep Jody in your prayers as she steps into this role during this time of transition.