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Northern Waters Presbytery
June 19, 2018, Durham
 Presbytery met in Durham. Rev. Todd McDonald, Kim Posno, and Rev. Kerrie Perry led the opening worship with the theme “Dreaming”.
 We were pleased to have present Rev. Cheryl-Ann Stadelbauer-Sampa, Executive Minister of Region 8 and Rev. Peter Hartmans, Executive Minister of Region 10 with us. Both addressed the court. The Transition Commissions of Region 8 and 10 will each start in June to have meetings. The transition team (the Commission) needs to bring a commitment to transformation and not just a time of transition; to transform our relationships; sift and sort through things so that we don’t lose the best we have. It will be necessary to identify the ministries that are important and what staff will be needed to do it. The Commission needs to bring all that is necessary to set in motion all that is needed for the first meeting of the regional council. The Commission needs to imagine its future. The Commissions need our prayers and our patience. Volunteers will be needed in the new structure.
 Four ‘Presbyteries of Toronto Conference Corporation’ grant applications to assist congregations with special projects were approved to be forwarded to PTCC. These grant requests will likely exhaust most of the Northern Waters Presbytery allocation for 2018.
 Rev. Greg Daly from the Affirming Task Group showed a short video re Iridesce: from policy to practice – The Living Apology Project provides an opportunity to share stories. More information is available at Looking at things in new way is iridescent; iridesce is active participation and engagement. The Program Commission shared information on the many upcoming activities. Treasurer, Mary McKeen reviewed the financial status of the Presbytery accounts.
 The educational component was the United Fresh Start module: “Leading Planned Change” led by Rev. Kristal McKee. We reflected on several questions. How am I an impediment or obstacle to change? How has the spirit facilitated the work? Be attentive to the spirit. Increase the capacity to be together during times of change. Look at congregational readiness for change. What is its history of dealing with change; what is the leadership commitment, what is the breadth of support and what other changes are happening?
 Presbytery approved Penny Squirrel, Barbara Downie, Dave Forbes, Ed Elliotson, Muriel Lush, and Sue Scottinwood and Wendy May as Licensed Lay Worship Leaders from July 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018. The closing worship led by Rev. Kerrie Perry with the theme of “Gifts of the Spirit” included the blessing and presentation of licence certificates to the Licenced Lay Worship Leaders.
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