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We offer our prayers, our sorrow, and our tears, to and for the people of the Danforth Community in Toronto.  We pray for the victims, for those whose lives have been altered and changed by these events.   We give thanks for the First Responders, for their actions that saved lives, and pray for peace to be upon them in the aftermath.   We are mindful of all of those whose quiet summer evening was shattered by this violent act.  

In the midst of the chaos that is created by violence, people rush in with love and hope and support.  It is this that changes the actions of one person who sought to bring on despair and hatred into a strong and resilient neighbourhood and city.    We hear first only of the violence, the lives lost and altered.  Then we hear of the ways in which people reach out to offer immediate help, we see people stand in the street and weep for strangers.  We know people are praying, and  taking care of each other.    We believe that God is in that transformation, therefore,  peace and love still exist.   We  may not be able to change the reality of violence, but we can keep it from changing us.    Toronto is stronger than hatred and fear. 

Rev. Audrey Brown

Toronto Conference President