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First gathering of provisional regional council June 2018

Greetings from the Region 10 Commission. The Region 10 Commission is made up of 13 members from Toronto Conference and one member from the All Native Circle Conference. They have been given the task to provide governance support during this time of transition. The Commission has been meeting since early spring and was ratified at the 43rd General Council in July. The Commission will meet regularly over the next few months to provide support and direction as we prepare to elect an Executive for Region 10 in the spring of 2019. The Co-Chairs of Commission 10 are Marg Walker and David Leyton-Brown. The Executive Minister for both Region 10 and 6 is Peter Hartmans. Peter has served Hamilton Conference for 11 years and served as Hamilton Conference Executive Secretary for six years.

The Region 10 Commissioners are:

David Leyton-Brown (Living Waters Presbytery) Dan Benson (Toronto Southeast Presbytery) Kirsty Hunter (Living Waters Presbytery) Marg Walker (Toronto Southeast Presbytery) Bri-anne Swan (Living Waters Presbytery) Martha ter Kuile (Toronto Southeast Presbytery) Catherine Smith (South West Presbytery) Jessica Stevenson (Diversity) Paul Shepherd (South West Presbytery) Kye Munro (Diversity – Youth/Young Adult) Kent Ward (Northern Waters Presbytery) Evan Smith (ANCC Member) Ross Leckie (Northern Waters Presbytery) Peter Hartmans (Executive Minister)

In preparation for the creation of Region 10, January 1, 2019, the Commission would like to announce the following initial staff appointments. Further staff appointments and details will be provided over the next few weeks and months.

Jody Maltby, Staff Lead: Regional and Congregation Support

Rachael Howes, Executive Assistant and Administration in Region 6 and 10

Susan Whitehead, Executive Assistant and Administration in Region 6 and 10

Donna Rutz, Administrative Support for Region 10

Karen Hilfman Millson, Minister, Cluster and Network Support Animation

Jean Ward, Minister, Cluster and Network Support Animation

Susie Henderson, Minister, Community Engagement and Partnership

Dale Hildebrand, Pastoral Relations Minister

Todd McDonald, Pastoral Relations Minister

Jeffrey Dale, Youth Ministries Coordinator

Ren Ito, Social Justice Animator

As well, the following staff working in local and community ministries will continue in Region 10.

Kevin Moore Regent Park Community Ministry

Bri-anne Swan Living Presence Ministry

Isaac Kamta Francophone Ministry

Barry Rieder Jane Finch Community Ministry

Tina Conlon Davenport Perth Community Ministry

All Staff have served Toronto Conference or Manitou Conference and the United Church of Canada for many years. They bring significant experience as we transition from Conference to Region. The Region 10 Commission will provide regular updates over the next few months. 

These positions will start January 1, 2019. Further contact and position information will follow in the next few months.

The goal of the Region 10 Commission is to provide consistent ministry support as we transition from Toronto Conference to Region 10. 

For more information, please contact:

Peter Hartmans, Executive Minister, Regions 6 & 10: 

Co-Chairs – Region 10 Commission:

David Leyton-Brown: Marg Walker:

This memo has been sent to Toronto Conference Presbytery Secretaries and All Pastoral Charges 

Read the memo as a PDF

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