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Region 10 with Communities of Faith Click on the map to see a larger image.

Greetings from the Region 10 Commission. Here’s an update of our current progress. With the enactment by General Council 43 of Remit 1, Region 10 became officially formed!  We are honoured to serve the region and to steward it toward  our first Annual Regional Meeting, which will take place during the weekend of May 24-26, 2019. Specific times and locations are being considered.  View the  Region 10 map with borders and the Region 10 map with Communities of Faith (these are still works in progress and not entirely complete). 

The Regional Council met on September 10th, 2018, and will continue to meet regularly throughout the fall.  Work on vision, governance and policy has begun. Marg Walker and David Leyton-Brown were named as co-chairs. 

We are in the process of accessing our needs for space and have decided thus far to let the Northern Waters office in Alliston go.  More information on locations will be available shortly.

Immediate Priorities

Top of the list for us has been to get the initial staff compliment in place, to consider the Caretakers of Our Indigenous Circle: Calls to the Church and to keep the wheels in motion for Mission Support Grants.

The Regional Council would like to receive M&S grant requests by October 1 from Presbytery grant applicants and traditional grant applicants.  Although Presbyteries will have until October 31 to offer advice around applications, if they can be received early we may be able to provide accelerated answers.  Ultimately, we will respect the October 31 deadline.  Mission Support Applications

Making Connections

Even though the official beginning of Region 10 is not until January 1, 2019, our program staff have had the opportunity to connect with General Council staff and other regional staff across the country for three days of orientation earlier this month in Toronto, getting to know each other and exploring opportunities for collaboration.  This feels like a very good beginning.

Within our new Region the development of clusters (geographic groups) and networks (thematic groups) is already underway and will continue. In addition to our staff, Jean Ward and Karen Hilfman Millson, Lillian Roberts will provide support with clustering along the border of Regions 6 and 10. Relationships will continue!

Our Name

Now that we have it, what shall we call ourselves? The Regional Council will invite everyone within the Region to participate in choosing our new name.  The Regional Council will narrow down the choices and the final name will be chosen at the Annual Regional Meeting in the spring. Details will be available shortly on the website.

Region 10 Commissioners

The Region 10 Commissioners are:

  • David Leyton-Brown (Living Waters Presbytery)
  • Dan Benson (Toronto Southeast Presbytery)
  • Kirsty Hunter (Living Waters Presbytery)
  • Marg Walker (Toronto Southeast Presbytery)
  • Bri-anne Swan (Living Waters Presbytery)
  • Martha ter Kuile (Toronto Southeast Presbytery)
  • Catherine Smith (South West Presbytery)
  • Jessica Stevenson (Diversity)
  • Paul Shepherd (South West Presbytery)
  • Kye Munro (Diversity – Youth/Young Adult)
  • Kent Ward (Northern Waters Presbytery)
  • Evan Smith (ANCC Member)
  • Ross Leckie (Northern Waters Presbytery)
  • Peter Hartmans (Executive Minister).

Regional Staff

The initial Regional Staff appointments, beginning on January 1, 2019, are as follows:

  • Jody Maltby, Staff Lead: Regional and Congregation Support
  • Rachael Howes, Executive Assistant and Administration in Region 6 and 10
  • Susan Whitehead, Executive Assistant and Administration in Region 6 and 10
  • Donna Rutz, Administrative Support for Region 10
  • Karen Hilfman Millson, Minister, Cluster and Network Support Animation
  • Jean Ward, Minister, Cluster and Network Support Animation
  • Susie Henderson, Minister, Community Engagement and Partnership
  • Dale Hildebrand, Pastoral Relations Minister
  • Todd McDonald, Pastoral Relations Minister
  • Jeffrey Dale, Youth Ministries Coordinator
  • Ren Ito, Social Justice Animator

As well, the following staff working in local and community ministries will continue in Region 10.

  • Kevin Moore Regent Park Community Ministry
  • Bri-anne Swan Living Presence Ministry
  • Isaac Kamta Francophone Ministry
  • Barry Rieder Jane Finch Community Ministry
  • Tina Conlon Davenport Perth Community Ministry

Joan Baily in Thunder Bay, will provide administrative support to Ministry Personnel for marriage licenses in Regions 6 and 10.

For more information, please contact: Peter Hartmans, Executive Minister, Regions 6 & 10