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93rd proposed annual meeting agenda 2017

(as of April 25, 2017)


Jeremy Dias

Thursday May 25th, 2017 3pm-5pm
Location: St. Paul’s United Church 
308 King St., Midland

In his motivational address, Jeremy Dias will talk about the effects of bullying, his experiences facing racism and homophobia in a rural Ontario school, and how he overcame discrimination by setting legal case precedents, eventually starting a not-for-profit organization. Jeremy will also speak on Creating a Welcoming Environment and Intersectionality: How We Are All Diverse. This award-winning presentation is a great way to begin the dialogue about diversity in your community, and to promote respect, stop bullying, and create positive community culture. 

Read Jeremy’s Bio 

The Resource Book will be available here in early May.


Photographs will be taken during the whole weekend and will be posted to the website.