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Address: 1 - 50 Elizabeth Grove King City Ontario L7B 1H7

Phone: 905- 833-5181



Presbytery: Living Waters Presbytery

Pastoral Charge: King City Pastoral Charge

About this location

Sanctuary Capacity: 150

Meeting Hall Capacity: 110

Break Out Rooms: 5

Large or Commercial Kitchen

King City United Church

1 - 50 Elizabeth Grove King City Ontario L7B 1H7

If you require more information please contact this Community of Faith directly.

  • There is a secondary entrance that is barrier-free and well-marked.
  • Accessible seating space that is suitable for side transfer.
  • Adjacent companion seating.
  • Storage space for mobility assistive devices.
  • The worship space has a sound amplification system.
  • Accessible rest or quiet space.
  • The coffee hour space accessible, with refreshments within reach.
  • Barrier free path to the meeting rooms.
  • Accessible doorways to meeting rooms and the community hall.
  • At least one designated accessible parking spot.
  • Boarding area or parking for Accessible Transit.
  • Has an inclusive Marriage Policy that ensures all couples of all gender combinations are treated equally.