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Address: 2569 Midland Ave. Scarborough Ontario M1S 1R3

Phone: 416-293-4424



Presbytery: Toronto Southeast Presbytery

Pastoral Charge: Knox, Agincourt Pastoral Charge

About this location

Sanctuary Capacity: 325

Meeting Hall Capacity: 60

Break Out Rooms: 3

Large or Commercial Kitchen, Air Conditioning, Public Transit

Knox Agincourt United Church

2569 Midland Ave. Scarborough Ontario M1S 1R3

If you require more information please contact this Community of Faith directly.

  • The main entrance of the building has a ramp, elevator, or lift.
  • There is a secondary entrance that is barrier-free and well-marked.
  • There a power door on the entrance that is barrier-free.
  • All stories within the building are accessible with an elevator or lift.
  • There are one or more washrooms situated on a barrier-free path of travel
  • The washrooms have a wheelchair accessible stall or an individual washroom is wheelchair accessible.
  • The washroom has an accessible sink, towel dispenser and hand dryer.
  • Accessible seating space that is suitable for side transfer.
  • Adjacent companion seating.
  • Storage space for mobility assistive devices.
  • The worship space has a sound amplification system.
  • Available hearing assist devices.
  • Large print bulletins or projection screens are available
  • There is barrier free path to the children's program.
  • Accessible rest or quiet space.
  • The coffee hour space accessible, with refreshments within reach.
  • Barrier free path to the meeting rooms.
  • Barrier-free path to the community hall.
  • Accessible doorways to meeting rooms and the community hall.
  • At least one designated accessible parking spot.
  • Boarding area or parking for Accessible Transit.

Mandarin 2nd Sunday of each month