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Affirming Ministry


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GOVERNMENT REQUIREMENTS: Accessibility Canada Revenue Agency | Food Safety |  Occupational Health and SafetyPrivacy  | Serving Alcohol | Violence and Harrassment | 

CHURCH REQUIREMENTS: Governing Body | Insurance | M+P Committee | Payroll | Racial JusticePolice Record Checks | Sexual Abuse Prevention | Trustees |

PROPERTY REQUIREMENTS:  Asbestos | Cemeteries | Land Registry | Oil Tank Removal | Water Quality 

Lay Employees

  • Read the Lay Employees Resources page: a set of materials prepared for a 2015 Workshop for M&P committees on Managing Lay Employees given by Dale Hildebrand, Toronto Conference Personnel Minister.

Ministry Articulation Profile (MAP)

M+P Committees 


Video License  

Read the Video License page to find instructions to obtain an annual video license that allows for the showing of feature films.