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Toronto Conference Volunteer Expense Form

Use this form to claim re-imbursement for expenses once $25 has been accumulated

TC VAM Voluntary Associate Ministry Appointment Form

Ministry Personnel use this form to request Presbytery approval of a Voluntary Associate Minister.

TC 435 RC Record of Call

Community of Faith uses this form to record the terms and conditions of a call after negotiating with ministry personnel.

TC 435a PRC Provisional Record of Call

Communities of Faith use this form to record terms of a call when a candidate for the Order of Ministry is being called provisional on ordination or diaconal commissioning.

TC 433 AP Record of Appointment or Renewal Appointment

Communities of Faith and Interview team complete this form after negotiating terms of appointment with Ministry Personnel. If there is a manse, PR 436 MI must be attached.

TC 425 PD Ministry Position Description

Communities of Faith use this form to create a new ministry position or make a signficant change to an existing position. The form corresponds to the Ministry Articulation Profile (TC 425 MAP). This form is required to declare a vacancy or make a short-term appointment.

TC 425 MAP Ministry Articulation Profile (MAP)

Governing bodies use this form to record their Ministry Articulation Profile in the eight ministry categories

TC 425 V Request to Declare a Vacancy

Governing bodies use this form with Ministry Personnel Committees to request Presbytery to declare a vacancy. Also requires TC 425 MAP, TC 425 PD, TC 425 DFC and PR 436 MI (Manse Information) if applicable.

TC 412 Ministry Personnel: Skills, Gifts and Passions Profile

Ministry Personnel use this form when seeking a new call or appointment in Toronto Conference. Information from the form is entered into the matching system. See the Guidelines for completing the form.