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Certificate of Trustees Asking Consent of Presbytery

A form for Trustees to ask consent of Presbytery in property matters.

TSE Threshold Value for Other Major Assets and Major Renovations Finance Policy

This policy establishes the threshold value for ?Other Major Assets? and ?Major Renovations? for which the Trustees of a congregation or pastoral charge must obtain approval of Presbytery to act.

TSE Property Guidelines Policy

Toronto Southeast Finance and Property – Property Guidelines

Church Safety Checklist

A comprehensive checklist for church properties designed for routine maintenance inspections.

Self-Inspection Checklist for The United Church of Canada

Regular inspections help protect your place of worship and ensure a safe building for your congregation. The following checklist can help to ensure that you?re regularly inspecting your church and making any necessary changes.

SW Property Guidelines and Procedures

Information is for the guidance and direction of pastoral charges contemplating or engaged in any matter involving congregational property and/or assets.

LW Edge Real Estate Planning Process

A real estate planning process developed by EDGE