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Living Waters Presbytery Handbook, 2016

Living Waters Presbytery Handbook

TSE – Mission Strategy Framework Document

An effort to translate our words of mission into concrete terms that will guide us as we work together to implement our mission.

Living Waters Newsletter, June 2016

Living Waters June Newsletter

SW Final Report of the Intercultural Ministry Priorities 1 and 2

This document, authored by Rev. Dong-Chun Seo, reflects the final report summarizing the activities and outputs of the work completed by the first Minister for Intercultural Congregational Development in the South West Presbytery. There were four priorities in total, this document reports on Priorities 1 and 2.

TSE Mission Strategy Book List

Toronto Southeast Mission Strategy Book List

TSE Justice and Global Issues Book List

Toronto Southeast Justice and Global Issues Book List

TSE Into the Promise Brochure

Describes the Into the Promise pilot project in Toronto Southeast Presbytery

MAP Setting Mission Priorities

Two different options, gut instinct and forced reasoned choice, to use for prioritizing ministry categories.

MAP Option 3: Small Group Process

A process for small groups to work through the categories in light of their community context, strengths and needs. Includes supporting materials for discussion and goal setting.

MAP Option 2: Questionnaire on the Eight Categories

A reflecitve Questionnaire on the Eight Categories: includes a detailed template on goal setting.