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This directory is home for all forms in Toronto Conference excluding registration forms. Forms are organized by subject.  Presbytery forms are housed on the Presbytery websites.  

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Compliance Forms  

For information on topics go to the Compliance page


Annual Performance License 2017-2018 Use this form to purchase a video license from July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018  Read more about the AP License


Health and Safety Training Confirmation Use this form to document the completion of the Health and Safety Awareness Training for Workers and Supervisors 


Violence and/or Harassment Incident Report  Use this form to register a formal incident report. Additionally, see How to Make a Complaint.


Finance Forms

Toronto Conference Volunteer Expense Form  Use this form to claim re-imbursement for expenses once $25 has been accumulated

Grant Applications

TC Educational Grant Application Form Grants of up to $5,000 are being made available to groups, institutions, or communities of faith within Toronto Conference that are offering educational events that focus on Toronto Conference priorities or that contribute to the understanding of United Church history, current or future challenges, or leadership development.

Mission Support Grant Applications Application deadline for the 2019 mission support grants is August 31, 2018 to the Conference Office. The new Regional Councils will decide upon the 2019 grants but the current presbyteries will be asked to comment and make recommendations. 

New Ministries Development & Leadership Applications The Fund was established to reduce some of the financial stresses int the development of new ministries and leadership development. Grants are available to Communities of Faith, Presbyteries, and Toronto Conference.
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Toronto Conference Blanket Exercise Grant Application Form Grants of up to $300 are available to planners of Blanket Exercises within Toronto Conference for costs directly related to the event. One grant application per individual event

Toronto Conference Right Relations Grant Application Form Grants of up to $1,000 are being made available to communities of faith within Toronto Conference for the work of right relations with the following criteria: 1. Use of the funds will be consistent with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action and the United Church of Canada’s commitments toward right relations.  2. Though the event/activity may be planned by a single community of faith, the event/activity will be open to other communities of faith and/or the wider community.

Toronto Conference Internship Placement Grant Application Communities of faith use this form to apply for funding to be an internship site. Deadline March 31 for a September start and August 18 for a January start

Toronto Conference Sabbatical Funding Grant Application Local Ministry Units and Ministry Personnel are eligible to make an application for funding to assist during a Minister’s time of sabbatical. UPDATED JANUARY 2018.


Ministry and Personnel Committee Forms

Instructions for Annual Assessment of Ministry Personnel Effectiveness & Goal Setting Each member of the Ministry and Personnel Committee should receive a copy of these instructions. 

Ministry Personnel Assessment The self-assessment is to be completed by Ministry Personnel in the annual assessment process. 

Ministry Personnel Committee Assessment This assessment is to be completed by Ministry Personnel Committees 

Joint-Dialogue Guide Once each party has completed the assessment, use the guide to process what you have learned and determine next steps.


Ministry Articulation Profile (MAP) Form

TC 425 MAP Ministry Articulation Profile  Communities of Faith complete this form to return the results of their MAP process based on the eight ministry categories. More resources and materials in support of the process are available on the Ministry Articulation Profile Resource page


Pastoral Relations Forms

PR 436 MI Manse Information Summary Sheet Must be attached to TC 425 V when declaring a vacancy. 

TC 410 CHG Request for Change of Pastoral Relationship Ministry Personnel use this form to document a request to change the pastoral relationship when required (The Manual 1.3.1)

TC 410 ST Request for Short-Term Supply or Interim Ministry Appointment  Communities of Faith use this form to request a short-term supply appointment or interim ministry appointment

TC 425 DFC Demographic, Financial and Community Profile  Communities of Faith use this form to provide information to prospective applicants in the on-line matching system

TC 425 PD Ministry Position Description  Communities of Faith use this form to create a new ministry position or make a significant change to an existing position. This form is required to declare a vacancy or make a short-term appointment

TC 425 V Request to Declare a Vacancy  Governing bodies use this form with Ministry Personnel Committees to request Presbytery to declare a vacancy. Also requires TC 425 MAP, TC 425 PD, TC 425 DFC (and PR 436 MI if applicable)

TC 433 AP Record of Appointment or Renewal of Appointment Communities of Faith and Interview team complete this form after negotiating terms of appointment with Ministry Personnel. If there is a manse, PR 436 MI must be attached.FAQ on how to complete the TC 433 AP

TC 435 RC Record of Call Community of Faith uses this form to record the terms and conditions of a call after negotiating with ministry personnel.FAQ on how to complete the TC 435 RC

TC 435A Provisional Record of Call Communities of Faith use this form to record terms of a call when a candidate for the Order of Ministry is being called provisional on ordination or diaconal commissioning

TC VAM Voluntary Associate Minister Appointment Ministry Personnel use this form to request Presbytery approval of a Voluntary Associate Minister.


Property Forms

Certificate of Trustees Asking Consent of Presbytery  By following this format, Trustees will meet the requirements of section G.2.3 of The Manual. This format may be adapted to suit the local circumstances and,where the document is to be registered at a Land Registry Office, to satisfy the requirements of the Land Registrar.