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Labyrinth laid out in a hall
Our canvas labyrinth is 40’ x 40’ and is for indoor use only

Guidelines for Use 

  • The labyrinth is for indoor use only.
  • Please try to keep the labyrinth as clean as possible.
  • Sweep the floor before use and ensure that it is clean and dry before unfolding the labyrinth. 
  • Place the entrance in the spot where people can access it easily. 
  • Please walk the labyrinth in bare or sock feet unless you need your shoes for accessibility or safety reasons. The community of faith may consider providing booties to cover shoes if needed.
  • Only battery operated candles are permissible on the labyrinth. 
  • Sweep the labyrinth with a clean, dry broom before folding and returning to the bags.

Borrowing the Labyrinth

The labyrinth can be picked up and returned to the Toronto Conference office 65 Mayall Avenue, Toronto.  Map to 65 Mayall

The labyrinth is three-separate pieces, each in a canvas bag. The labyrinth is stored in a large plastic tub. The tub has wheels to pull but it is very heavy! The labyrinth can be transported without the tub if vehicle space is limited. Return the labyrinth in the canvas bags.

Request to borrow the labyrinth from your Presbytery Administrative Assistant:

PDF Version of these Labyrinth Guidelines

Labyrinth set out with three people walking