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All Ministry Personnel who are in a call or multiyear appointments must complete the Annual Assessment process. The assessment does not need to be done for ministers who are in a short term appointment for one year or less.

The primary purpose of this assessment process is to nurture healthy pastoral relationships. This assessment tool will help an M&P committee and ministry personnel to have a conversation together, and come forward with agreed upon goals that will nurture growth in the pastoral relationship. This process is meant to be entered into prayerfully and with consideration for the ministry of the ministry personnel over the last year. The results of this assessment and goal setting are to be tools for guiding the ministry of the ministry personnel and Community of Faith over the course of the coming year.

  1.  Annual Assessment of Ministry Personnel Effectiveness & Goal Setting Instructions. Each member of the Ministry and Personnel Committee should receive a copy of these instructions
  2. Ministry Personnel Assessment The self-assessment is to be completed by Ministry Personnel in the annual assessment process.
  3. Ministry Personnel Committee Assessment This assessment is to be completed by Ministry Personnel Committees.
  4. Once each party has completed the assessment, use the Joint-Dialogue Guide to process what you have learned and determine next steps.

The Chair of the M&P Committee will send the Joint Dialogue document only to the Conference Personnel Minister annually by October 31st