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The new national pastoral relations system that will be set up under the Office of Vocation for 2019 does not require annual assessments to be submitted. As a result, we have decided that for this last year of Toronto Conference (2018), M&P Committees are not required to send Conference the results of your annual assessment. We know that this exercise has been useful for maintaining healthy pastoral relationships but given the many changes due to take place in the last six months of this year, staff will not have time to review the documentation submitted. You are still welcome to use the annual assessment tools below, which we will leave on our website until December 31, 2018.

  1.  Annual Assessment of Ministry Personnel Effectiveness & Goal Setting Instructions. Each member of the Ministry and Personnel Committee should receive a copy of these instructions
  2. Ministry Personnel Assessment The self-assessment is to be completed by Ministry Personnel in the annual assessment process.
  3. Ministry Personnel Committee Assessment This assessment is to be completed by Ministry Personnel Committees.
  4. Once each party has completed the assessment, use the Joint-Dialogue Guide to process what you have learned and determine next steps.