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Annual Assessments

  • All Ministry Personnel who are in a call or multiyear appointments must complete the Annual Assessment process. The assessment does not need to be done for ministers who are in a short term appointment for one year or less. A description of the process and forms are here on the Annual Assessments page 

Ending a Pastoral Relationship 

  • Making A Great Transition: Toronto Conference Best Practices for Ending a Pastoral Relationship
    This document provides Toronto Conference recommended best practices in the area of transitioning out of pastoral relationships (appointment or call) for ministry personnel. The goal is to create a smooth transition from the departing to the incoming minister. Ending pastoral relationships can be anxious times for both the minister and the congregation; denominational policy (provided at the end in Appendix A) and the best practices that follow are meant to create healthy endings and new beginnings. (3 pages)




Sabbatical Grants

  • Local Ministry Units and Ministry Personnel are eligible to make an application for funding to assist during a Minister’s time of sabbatical.  Application is in the Forms Directory