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Vacancies in Toronto Conference A current list of the approved vacancies for ministry personnel available in Toronto Conference 

Vacancy and Availability On-line Matching System Create an online account, or login to your online account.  Submit your documents for approval to a Conference Personnel Minister. Once your eligibility is verified your profile will become active and communities of faith will be able to review it and compare it for a match with with their own profiles and position descriptions. The initial part of the matching process with congregations is relatively anonymous based on the profile you create. You can send an anonymous request for them to review your profile and request an interview, and you can respond to requests for interviews.

Declaring a Vacancy Once notice for a request for a change in pastoral relationship has been received congregations can begin the process of requesting presbytery to declare a vacancy.


Pastoral Relations Forms are in the Form Directory


  1. Changing the Terms of a Pastoral Relationship  An overview of the steps involved when a Community of Faith OR a ministry personnel wants to change the terms of (including ending) a pastoral relationship.
  2. How to Call/Appoint a New Minister   An overview of the steps to call, provisionally call, or appoint a new minister 
  3. How to Appoint a Short-Term Supply Minister   An overview of the steps involved when a Community of Faith wants to appoint a short-term supply minister.
  4. Appointing an Interim Minister  An overview of the steps when a Community of Faith want to appoint an Interim* Minister.    *i.e. a minister with specialized Interim Ministry training