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Welcome to South West Presbytery, in Toronto Conference, The United Church of Canada.

South West Presbytery Office Location and Hours


Chairperson – Gail Hamblin 
Presbytery Secretary – Carole Bennett

If you wish to contact the above Chairperson or Presbytery Secretary please email Donna Rutz, Administrative Assistant for South West Presbytery, at or call at 1-800-446-4729, Ext. 6263.

Presbytery Staff

Dale Hildebrand

Conference Personnel Minister
416-241-2677 x6261

Susie Henderson

Minister for Community Engagement and Communications
416-241-2677 x6262

Donna Rutz

Administrative Assistant
416-241-2677 x6263

What is Presbytery?

The Presbytery is the Court of the Church which oversees the business of the communities of faith within its boundaries, and assists those communities of faith in carrying out the mission of The United Church of Canada.

The United Church of Canada Manual describes the role and responsibilities of the Presbytery. Presbyters include lay representatives elected by their congregation and Ministry Personnel, including retired ministers, serving within the boundaries of the Presbytery. Presbyters and staff deployed to the Presbytery by Toronto Conference are responsible for the governance, administration and program related work within the Presbytery.

About South West Presbytery

South West is one of 4 Presbyteries within Toronto Conference.  South West Presbytery includes 51 Pastoral Charges, 2 Missions and 2 Presbytery Community Ministries.

South West Presbytery exists to collaborate in the work of Christ through communities of faith and mission who follow the living God into the neighbourhoods within Presbytery bounds and beyond, offering hope, peace, justice, and love.

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