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The following six handbooks compile the policies and guidelines of South West Presbytery.

Presbytery Information

Catalogue of Policies A comprehensive guide to policies and guidelines including an overview of the presbytery, commissions and teams.  [January 2018: 212 pages]

Presbytery Handbook A reference for Presbyters to provide support for participation in  plenary and commission/team meetings, includes how Presbytery is organized, a description of funds and contact information. [January 2018: 22 pages]

For Congregations

Property Handbook A reference for members of the Property Team and for congregations engaged in managing buildings. The handbook includes how to work with the Property and Environment team and basic information on the processes related to renovations, repairs, sales and leases.  [January 2018: 16 pages]

Pastoral Relations Handbook A guide to help congregations prepare pastoral relations process, including information on Mission Articulation Profiles, team ministry, Voluntary Associate Ministers, Congregational Designated Ministers, Pastoral Relations Annual review, seeking a change in pastoral relations and compliance issues. [January 2018: 25 pages]

Community Engagement Handbook A reference for the Community Ministries commission and anyone looking for background on South West Presbytery justice and outreach policy. 

Congregational Life Handbook A guide to congregational vitality and mission including information on diversity, mission strategy, amalgamation, becoming a mission and disbanding. [January 2018: 69 pages]