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Breaking News – Capital Grants Available!

Great news! PTCC grants are available to enrich your ministries, to try new things, to seed or to stretch, and our Toronto Southeast Presbytery team is eager to help you put these grants to good use!

The PTCC has been holding and investing funds, arising from the sale of church properties, to support the work of its presbyteries since 2010. Its application programs provide excellent opportunities for us to reinvest resources, through our congregations and communities, to minister in new ways in partnership with new people, to innovate and build relationships aligned to our shared priorities.

We have recently created a TSP grant application, to be used in conjunction with the PTCC template, which will help you structure your proposals and provide clarity as to what the Grant Review team is looking for. To view our newly created capital grant application, please click here: TSP / PTCC Capital Grant Application

To view our calendar for TSP / PTCC Grant Applications (includes Capital Grants and New Ministry Development & Leadership Fund Grants), please click here: Calendar for Grant Applications

To learn more about the history of the PTCC fund, the application and approval process, and roles and responsibilities, please click here: TSP / PTCC Grant Process Overview

Our presbytery is eager to support you in your grant application process. In coming weeks we will be implementing a mentorship program to enable those seeking grants to connect with a small network of successful grant applicants who are skilled and experienced in grant proposal preparation. We will be pointing to on-line tools and resources that will be useful to you in planning your initiatives and preparing applications. As well, we will be using our upcoming plenary sessions to showcase approved initiatives, report on their progress and share learning.

Great opportunity to try something new in your community, try something new in worship, try something new in building relationships with each other and with God. Let us share in the funding of some of your new ideas.  We are here to help!

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