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The purpose of the Justice and Global Issues Team is to provide a link between the Presbytery and units of the Conference and/or General Council or other organizations dealing with issues of human rights, social, economic and racial justice, and peace for the purpose of informing and educating Presbyters and Congregations, creating and facilitating collaborative efforts and actions with and between Pastoral Charges and mobilizing support from the Presbytery and Pastoral Charges.  Visit our Social Justice Highlights page for news and resources.


Chair: _______ (to be named)

Secretary: George Bartlett

JGI Communiques 

Apr 17, 2018              TSE – JGI Communique – Palestinian Theology of Liberation

Feb 15, 2018             TSE – JGI Communique – Justice News – February

Dec 14, 2017             TSE – JGI Communique – UCC Response to U.S. Embassy move

Dec 6, 2017               TSE – JGI Communique – Open the Armouries

Oct 5, 2017                TSE/SW Joint Communique – Pray-in for Action on Poverty

Oct 2, 2017                TSE – JGI Communique – $15 and Fairness

June 8, 2017             TSE – JGI Communique – Petition on  Honouring Treaties

June 6, 2017             TSE – JGI Communique – Webinar on Carbon Pricing

February 28, 2017    TSE – JGI Communique – Lent Resource

Dec 15, 2016             TSE – JGI Communique – Billion or Bust Campaign

Nov 22, 2016             TSE JGI Communique: Gaza Calls, Canada Answers

Social Justice News