One with Christ and one with you.

Welcome to the Toronto Conference! Since 1925, we have been growing our desire and commitment to serve the Lord. Under the guidance and governance of our ministers and non-ministerial representatives, we have been building our family, getting involved, and taking social actions to inspire commitment and worship to Jesus.

We envision to keep the community’s desire to serve the Lord alive. We seek and welcome brothers and sisters from different cultures and other churches to be part of our fellowship who proclaim Jesus as the Lord.

We exist to strengthen a united church in its mission to follow Christ, spreading the Good News through word and deed. For decades, we have been nurturing the faith of our brethren to foster Christian spirituality.

Equipped with extensive committees, the Conference has made substantial contributions to the development of the church and the community through events, activities, and regular meetings. We are an inclusive group with inter-church and inter-faith committees who strive to strengthen our ministry.

All for the glory of God, we have been involved in church and community development, education, retirement and pension, care for the environment, outreach programs, etc. Aside from that, we are a talented group of people who have been serving the community in other ways, like organizing events, creating and facilitating team building activities, and offering catering and events management activities.

The Toronto Conference is a venue for the faithful to live an exciting, fulfilling, and service-oriented life. Live this life with us!