How much does an event usually cost?

The pricing is different because our events are unique not only due to locations, the number of guests and the services availed, but also because we customize them to deliver our client’s needs. However, we establish good communication to get all the necessary information we need to put an event together, and we provide unique proposals fit for every client.

Do you have venue options?

Most definitely! We offer all the necessary services needed for a successful event; we are a complete package. Take note, though, that we may require up to 2 weeks to find the best, most appropriate venue for you, and there may be a retainer fee depending on when the event will be.

What if we do an outdoor event and it suddenly rains? What happens then?

The Toronto Conference will be glad to arrange a rain date at an additional cost.

What if during the holidays, there’s a snowstorm on your event date?

Our team always has back-up plans for unforeseen events. With different venues easily accessible to us, we are weather-proof. In emergencies like this, service always comes first, and any additional costs will be discussed after the event.

Do I have to pay extra for you to manage the event?

We don’t charge extra for that. Once you put your trust in us to organize your event, we’ll be there every step of the way, from planning to sourcing and selection to implementation and management to clean-up.