We believe in building communities through entertainment. God wants us to have fun, too. There is nothing better than showing gratefulness for the fellowship we have by experiencing the joys of life with the community. We organize events in which we can pair prayer, worship, and:

Daylight Musical Jam

Sing to the Lord with all your heart all day and all night. Be it at the beach or in the park, we bring people together and sing our hearts out to the Lord. In this event, we showcase the talented ones in the community blessed with the gift of music.

A Youthful Day

In this gathering, we nurture the spirituality of the young members of the church through various individual and team activities. We designed these activities to etch the values of Christian living and community building in the hearts of the youth who are the future leaders of the church.

Paint My Day

This event is still focused on the youth, but the parents are greatly encouraged to join. It is also about Christian values that develop spirituality within oneself, the family, and the community. It involved stories about the life of Christ and the values He showed in each story. The youth will then paint how they envision their experience growing up, embodying the values they learned.

The Ultimate Community Day Out!

This is the ultimate package wherein all these three events are held within two community days out.

Fun and imaginative, these events are made to bring communities together in praising the Lord! These are a few of the events that we dedicate to the Lord, who made the Toronto Conference possible!

The Toronto Conference dramatically cares for the development of the community. We want to show that fun activities can be filled with spiritual meaning, and prayer doesn’t only come in a single form. Whatever a man can do, he can do it for the glory of God.