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What makes events memorable are interactive party rentals. These excellent event features create a fun and creative vibe in your events. We always come first in the bee-line for the latest concepts and technologies that will surely wow your guests. We have a great selection that includes photo booths, tasty treats, and lots of games.

Face Painting Station

Who doesn’t love a beautiful colorful look? This is great for all kids and adults on site. We have artists available but your guests can opt for how their work of art, of course.

Water Bombs Away

Paintball and staying cool? Count me in! This game is impossible to resist, especially during outdoor summer events. This game will also appeal to your guests who love a good strategy game.

Burger Stations

Buns, coleslaws, protein, caramelized onions, cheese, and much more are available, and your guests can build their burgers on site. Assembling food to suit your appetite is always good to have in any event. Mouth-watering burgers, anyone?

Ice Cream Station

Unlimited ice cream will guarantee your guests’ attendance. In any event, a sundae machine with cones on the side will surely attract attention. Your guests can twirl their ice cream on a cone as much as they want.

Carnival Stand

Perfect for outdoor and indoor informal gatherings, no one can say no to popcorn, cotton candy, and bottomless shakes and soda. Do you want more? We can arrange them for you. We always deliver!

Fun Lash Extensions

The eyes say it all: your feelings, motivations, your oldest dreams! We’ll make sure they show what your soul is made of. Get crazy and creative with colorful extensions and jewels that will make your eyes stand out. Are