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snippets-wordcloud     NW Presbytery ‘Snippets’ – September 17, 2016
The September meeting of Northern Waters Presbytery was held at Georgian Shores United Church, Owen Sound. The church organist played some lively numbers as everyone gathered in the sanctuary and at the end of the worship service. Helen Laughlen welcomed everyone on behalf of the congregation. The congregation was formed in 2012 from the former Division St. and Knox United churches.
Rev. Dennis Posno, chair, welcomed everyone and acknowledged the traditional territory upon which we met. Rev. Roy Nicol-Macdonald led the worship with the theme “The Human Touch”.
Quorum was confirmed and the opening motions were passed. Rev. Neil Parker spoke about the need for Presbyters to fill the various vacancies so the workload can be shared. Rev. Thérèse Samuel, Affirming Task group chair and the task force members introduced themselves and their purpose.
Ann Harbridge, DLM, chair of the Congregational Life Commission reported that the Commission is dealing with amalgamations and closures. They are looking for life giving solutions to turn this trend around and are working on a report to share different ideas. If congregations need assistance, the request should come through the board/council or M & P to the Congregational Life Commission.
Rev. Jeff Werner, chair of the Education & Students Commission reported that during the summer they met with students to hear what they are doing. The licenced lay worship leaders’ program at Five Oaks is ending. Courses are going to be offered online by United in Learning.
Mary McKeen, treasurer, reported that they are now getting monthly reports from Toronto Conference. She reviewed the state of the budget. Committees and Commissions budget requests are needed for 2017 budget. Judy Chalmers promoted an upcoming workshop “Inspire, Ask, Thank”. Two identical sessions are planned: Barrie on October 12 and Toronto on October 26. People are welcome to register for either.
During the Community Building time, there was a sharing of joys and sorrows when some answered one of these questions. “Tell us some good news going on in your life? Is there a prayer we can lift up for you? Tell us about an experience or person who has affected your life in a positive way?”
After a delicious lunch, we returned to the sanctuary to focus on two remits: Candidacy Pathways and the Elimination of Transfer and Settlement. For each remit, Rev. John Neff provided the overview. Then everyone broke into small groups to discuss the proposals. Back in the large group questions were asked and information shared. When the votes were taken, both passed.
Rev. Dennis Posno ended the meeting with the courtesies and closing worship.


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