You might be wondering if CBD oil can be used in the workplace. CBD or cannabidiol has been making the news because some claim that it’s one of the best at relieving pain. It’s not surprising that it comes in many forms such as capsules, makeup, and drinks.

Though people who try budpop’s delta 8 THC vape carts inside and outside work won’t feel high, some might encounter issues with alcohol or drug test results at work. Continue reading to better understand cannabidiol oil in the workplace and what you should and shouldn’t do.

Cannabidiol and the Workplace

Cannabidiol has been available in the market for quite some time. According to the 2018 federal laws regarding hemp, this is considered a legal substance. But, consuming this in the workplace can pose risks.

That’s because one of the active ingredients found in marijuana products, THC, can affect the result of a drug and alcohol test. A large amount of THC, which is an unregulated substance, can even put you in danger of losing your job.

Employers are in a dilemma regarding the use of cannabidiol in the office and the legalization of this substance for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. Because cannabidiol is an approved drug in some states, many employers are unsure how to deal with a positive drug or alcohol test due to the consumption of THC.

Concerns over Cannabidiol Oil

As stated in a 2017 study conducted on cannabidiol oil, it mentioned that around 30% of cannabidiol samples such as oils, tinctures, and liquids dubious manufacturers weren’t made of purely-concentrated cannabidiol.

Also, most of them had higher THC content which is different from what’s seen on their product labels. Because of this, it can lead to intoxication, impairment, and issues with drug and alcohol tests when consumed. There are also reports that some cannabidiol oils could have contaminants such as heavy metals in unsafe amounts.

What Employees Should Do

  • You should only use therapeutic-grade cannabidiol oil from a reputable manufacturer.
  • There’s no need to worry if you use cannabidiol products externally. It’s safe and no trace of THC will be detected in your body. But, it’s always best to talk to a health professional before using any of these products.
  • You have to inform your supervisor or manager about using cannabidiol products for therapeutic purposes.
  • What Employees Shouldn’t Do
  • Don’t purchase cannabidiol products from unauthorized sellers from online stores. Many of their products might contain dangerous ingredients and THC.
  • If you’ll use cannabidiol oil in the workplace for therapeutic reasons, you shouldn’t hesitate to consult with your immediate superior.

Should Employers Allow Cannabidiol Oil?

Though there are worries about allowing cannabidiol-based in the workplace, employers should know that there’s no conclusive evidence saying that using these products can produce a positive drug and alcohol test due to THC.

What employees need to keep in mind is not to take risks when buying cannabidiol products. There’s no guarantee that these products are safe and effective.

Consulting your manager or supervisor about using cannabidiol for medicinal or therapeutic purposes is recommended so that you can devise a plan to prevent legal and safety problems in the workplace.

There’s no single answer as to whether employers can allow the use of cannabidiol for medicinal purposes. It depends on the jurisdiction and if the cannabidiol oil is derived from hemp or marijuana.

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