How to Use an Interactive Whiteboard for Business Meetings

Have you heard about interactive whiteboards? Maybe you have encountered the digital kinds used online, but these interactive whiteboards or smartboards can be used in many ways. Imagine having to sit down in a business meeting with the presenter using one. No one will ever dare to doze off.
What Is an Interactive Whiteboard?
It is a term used to refer to interactive displays that resemble that of a whiteboard. It can have many technologies employed as long as it promotes interaction between the presenting and the device. Let’s say…

Things to Consider in Rental of Land to Events

One of the emerging businesses where landowners can gain better income is by renting out their lands. With the surge of events being done outside, Check here for more information about Rental of land. it will undoubtedly be a big push to their profits.
In fact, many people are now conducting big activities under the sky, such as music festivals, weddings, markets, or birthday parties. It has become a trend nowadays to celebrate occasions outside the buildings. These give landowners the chance to rent their …

A Quick Walkthrough to Organizing a Fitness Event

What better way to market your gym than with a fitness event. According to fact, A fun yet engaging kind of event that will be focusing mostly on wellness, fitness, and weight loss is a good way to give your business a boost.
Even if you own the latest tech and equipment for your gym, there is still the chance that your members would get tired and bored of the same routine. A fitness event is a cheap yet effective method to boost the engagement between you and your members. It enables you to initiate a weight loss challenge that will help your members …

Events Where You Should Wear Custom-Made T-Shirts

T-shirts are the most popular and versatile piece of clothing people of all ages own. Nowadays, having custom t shirts is becoming a trend. From simple celebrations to life-changing events, custom t-shirts are worn. Here are some events where wearing a custom T-shirt is a good idea:
Company Events

Custom shirts in company events are attention-grabbing. However, there’s no need to limit the design just because it’s for the office. You can ask for help from a professional designer to come up with a layout. They can suggest various patterns and …

Benefits of Team Building

Nowadays, businesses are filled with millennials who hop between jobs every 2 to 3 years. Employee satisfaction and retention have been very challenging. Studies show that millennials mostly seek fun and engagement while developing their careers. This is where team building activities come into play. Here are its benefits:
1) Team Building Increases Collaboration
Currently, businesses are least inclined to a competitive work environment. Instead, they seek to develop a collaborative atmosphere where the staff can work like a single organism that keeps the business alive. The critical strategy now is to instill a cooperative…

Employee Engagement Event Ideas to Keep Your Staff Happy and Productive

When people are asked where the power of the business lies, they say it’s in strategic planning, problem-solving, operations management, etc. They couldn’t be more wrong. The workforce is the one who drives a business to success!
If you take care of your employees, they will take care of their roles in your industry. That’s why there’s so much riding on efforts to engage and satisfy employees. It’s essential to invest in team building employee engagement activities to encourage your staff to be more productive. Here are a few tricks up our sleeves:
1) Employee Engagement Activities for Personal and Professional …

Event Industry Petition

Canadian Event Industry Aid for COVID-19
Kindly sign and share petition o
Building communities and bringing people together is our calling. We are in deep sorrow of the temporary halt in living this part of life we are called to live. Our hearts are breaking, and our souls are crushing because of COVID-19.
But, we are all in this together. We are with you, even at a distance, in slowing down the spread of this virus. For now, we must stay at home with our families, wash our hands properly and more often, and avoid meeting at events and gatherings.
We at the Toronto Conference and our partners in the …