Canadian Event Industry Aid for COVID-19

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Building communities and bringing people together is our calling. We are in deep sorrow of the temporary halt in living this part of life we are called to live. Our hearts are breaking, and our souls are crushing because of COVID-19.

But, we are all in this together. We are with you, even at a distance, in slowing down the spread of this virus. For now, we must stay at home with our families, wash our hands properly and more often, and avoid meeting at events and gatherings.

We at the Toronto Conference and our partners in the event industry feel uneasy and apprehensive of the future. There is a lot of uncertainty as to when this virus can be contained. There’s no end in sight as to when the stress on the economy lifts. Organizers, suppliers, vendors, caterers, and the like make a living through events. COVID-19 is significantly affecting us

We plead you our brothers and sisters in the event industry to stand with us as we ask for assistance from the Canadian Government through funds and incentives before it’s too late.

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