When people are asked where the power of the business lies, they say it’s in strategic planning, problem-solving, operations management, etc. They couldn’t be more wrong. The workforce is the one who drives a business to success!

If you take care of your employees, they will take care of their roles in your industry. That’s why there’s so much riding on efforts to engage and satisfy employees. It’s essential to invest in team building employee engagement activities to encourage your staff to be more productive. Here are a few tricks up our sleeves:

1) Employee Engagement Activities for Personal and Professional Growth

One of the reasons why employees are unsatisfied and eventually leave companies is not the salary or position in the company but feeling stagnant because of a lack of growth. Highly engaged employees are those who are consistently being nurtured by the company. Therefore, exert efforts in facilitating personal and professional growth in your employees by inviting coaches to teach critical skills like public speaking. Each participant can be assigned a specific topic he/she will communicate with the rest of the group. This is a safe exercise to harness their public speaking skills.

2) Rewarding Your Staff for a Job Well Done

Aside from putting up a Wall of Fame for the different departments’ Employee of the Month, you can give massages to you stressed employees after doing the best they can to hit their quotas or submit their reports consistently on time. Not only can you hire or invite a masseur/masseuse, but you can also buy massage chairs available to deserving employees anytime.

Employees are a business’ road to success. The greatness of business is in the happiness of the employees. Make sure you have kept them smiling.

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