Nowadays, teens and young adults tend to adopt vaping rather than smoking. This is mainly due to the widely advertised negative effects of tobacco products and the popularization of the belief that vapes are the less harmful alternatives. Based on numerous accounts, many vapers found the newly acquired habit to be effective in quitting smoking.

The vaping facts here aside, you may have observed that the pandemic restrictions have currently been loosened. This means that parties of any kind can happen here and there. If you plan to host a party wherein you have to provide accommodations to both vapers and non-vaping/non-smoking individuals, below are great tips that you can apply.

Hosting Tips For A Vape-Friendly Party

Party Area

Obviously, a party needs a big area to accommodate the number of guests. The larger the number of visitors expected, the bigger the area you have to secure. And since you will be having vaping friends, the area must be well-aerated. Therefore, a party area with AC units and less ventilation is not an ideal one.

Backyards are always the safest choice. Furthermore, you also have some advantages in monitoring the guests from inside your home. If the guests are fewer than ten, then the balcony or the living room can suffice.


Being a party host means that there is a responsibility in keeping the guests entertained. If you are having an exclusive outdoor party, then hiring a fun-loving DJ or a talented live band can add some fun to the party.

If you have limited funds and can’t afford such musical services, you have to get creative. You can design an area where people can socialize easily. With that, you’ll need less effort in entertaining and you can concentrate more on monitoring the other aspects of the party.


With different kinds of people on your premises, you have now different appetites to feed. Since you are the host, you have to be gracious enough to offer foods that cater to the guests’ palate. Chips and finger foods like fries or nuts are the easiest and the most popular to prepare during parties. If you don’t have time to prepare, you can order pizza or fried chicken via delivery.4.

Vaping Area

Remember that you are serving guests that are both vapers and non-vapers. For outdoor parties, ventilation is not a problem. But if you are hosting indoor parties, you must provide a safe place for the non-vapers.

You can establish a vaping area, usually, that is near a window or balcony. Also, have a tray where vapers can access the vaping liquids you provide or a spot to place their personal vaping liquids. It is important to orient the guests to your vaping protocols before the fun gets out of control.


There will always be drinks at a party. Whether they are alcoholic drinks, sodas, or healthy juices, you must keep the liquids flowing. If there is a drought in your mini bar or kitchen, visitors will tend to give in to boredom. It doesn’t matter if the drinks are expensive or cheap. What matters is the quantity. Also, don’t forget the ice cubes.

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