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Change is good, you go first (Mac Anderson)

This is one of my favorite statements of truth. We can all admit that change needs to happen, people like me believe change is good, but we all like someone else to start, to lead, to go first.

Perhaps a surprise, in the midst of huge institutional shifts, and the inevitable changes that will come, which will include staff changes, is that Rev David Allen has gone first.

After David accepted the offered position, Our General Secretary, Nora Sanders called me to discuss how to fill the suddenly vacant position at Toronto Conferences, her first words to me, were “are your mad at me?’. My immediate answer.” Of course not, that’s who I would have asked.”

David Allen has a great deal of experience in the church, he is a faithful follower of the way of Christ, and seeks Justice and love in all that he does. He is one of the few people I know who can work diligently on an idea, then ask for feedback, and appreciate when people bring a point of view he hadn’t considered, and then redo his work to add in their perspective. He is careful, thoughtful and forward thinking. There is much to consider as we move forward to put into the practical reality that once we go back to the drawing board, or what the United Church looks like, we need someone to give us some parameters, a map, a blueprint, an idea to help us define what we do or do not want. We need the right people in the right positions. David is the right person to be the Project Manager of this task.

If you want to Thank David for his years of service to Toronto Conference, I suggest this: Be actively engaged and involved in the future of the church. Go First. Offer your opinion, your help, your wisdom, your votes, your prayers, your faith that God is doing a New thing by freeing us from our processes; so that we can work for the kingdom of God in our time and place, whatever that may look like, however uncomfortable that may make us.

Meanwhile, a number of people have asked “what is Toronto Conference going to do for David, to show our appreciation. First of all, I encourage you to send him an email or note, or face book post (because the internet is forever), to thank him personally for his work. The Staff will say good bye to him in their own way as well. An event of appreciation will be planned for David at a later time – our intent is for this to coincide with our AGM next May, after all he is still a member of Toronto Conference, and I know he appreciates the importance of Quorum!

Blessed Be