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September 16, 2017
Northern Waters Presbytery Meeting

170916 Presbytery Snippets
Marg Krauter, Presbytery Chair, welcomed everyone to the Plenary held at Westminster United Church, Orangeville. Rev. Sandra McLauchlan-Abuja welcomed everyone to their recently renovated sanctuary. The balcony was removed; the floor was levelled and the pews removed.
Participants who attended Rendez-Vous in August led the worship using themes from that experience: Use your voice; show up and be part of the solution; we are called to be prophets and we are called to be visionaries.
Since the remit ending Presbyteries and Conferences passed and will be replaced with larger Regions and knowing that it is already challenging to connect, Ann Harbridge, DLM, chair of Congregational Life Commission, challenged people to reach out to nearby congregations. Churches need to work together and share resources, and form clusters that support each other. Think how that might happen. Congregational Life Commission will support the formation of clusters but won’t lead it.
Rev. Kent Ward, chair of Governance Commission, gave the reminder that PTCC grant requests have two deadlines a year: at the end of September and April. If you have submission questions, contact Rev. Kent Ward or Rev. John Neff. Mary McKeen reviewed the financial statement. She reminded people of openings to serve on the PTCC board and the new ministries fund.
The Program Commission is working with Camp Simpresca to prepare a PTTC grant request to replace cabins and equipment. The Youth Event in Niagara is at the end of October with registration due by the end of September. The Winter Youth Event at the end of January is dogsledding and winter camping with the Moderator. All the outer clothing will be provided. The faith formation calendar will be in the next newsletter. Thank you to Presbytery for their support of Rendez-Vous. Cassie Vermeer-Korittko and Rev. Thérèse Samuel spoke enthusiastically about their experience at Rendez-Vous and the pilgrimage.
Rev. Sandra McLauchlan-Abuja talked about her recent sabbatical. It is important to prepare for a sabbatical. It is a lifestyle change for a period of time. You have to let go of things. She took 1 ½ months to prepare. She realized it is good to just be. She decided before that she needed time to be among people. She chose to recognize love in everything she did. She and her husband travelled to ancestral homelands. She was also very interested in the millennials’ (25 to 40) feelings about spirituality. They want a place to gather but not an institution. Sandra discovered that she needs a weekend so she now takes Monday and Tuesdays off. It is important to take time to claim as your own. It is energizing.
Educational Component: Embracing our Community – Presbytery Affirming Task Group. We looked at Philippians 4: 4-9 using the Kaleidoscope Bible Study Method and the process of mutual invitation. We read the passage three times with reflections and sharing after each reading. Two shared their stories. The session ended with a definitions game.
Closing Worship – Rev. Dennis Posno shared a meditation based on the quote “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.” The meeting adjourned at 2:40.