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“Fierce advice, strong loyalty.”  I was recently at an event where, a leader, leading from the front in the midst of change gave that instruction.
Give fierce advice and then strong loyalty.
It’s meaning is very simple.   
When given the chance to put forward your ideas for change, do so fiercely.  That is, with the greatest conviction, holding nothing back, being brutally honest, about the positive and negatives. Be fierce, do not worry about hurting feelings, put you best ideas forward, you ardent needs first.
Then… once the decision is made about how,  those ideas – and all of the other – often competing ideas – will be integrated into the new way forward… be strong in your loyalty to the new course of action.  This loyalty is strong, because it invites us to put aside, our ideas, concerns, and viewpoints, once the decision has been made for the good of the group.
As soon as I heard it, I immediately wrote that phrase down, and have referenced it a number of times since.
It is exactly what we need in the midst of the changes our denomination.  Fierce advice, and strong loyalty.
We need people to actively engage in the process of decision making, to give fierce advice, to put forth their viewpoints, perspectives, concerns and ideas with all of their courage and convictions.  We need people to listen to those perspectives and ideas and to be a part of the process of making decisions.
Then when the process is finished, the decisions made, the  Spirit lead people moved,  we need a strong loyalty.  
We need a willingness to try, to let the new way find its way, to not bemoan the old, or the better way that we had in mind. We need to be willing participants in our own future.  
” Honour the space between no longer and not yet”  Nancy Levin