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Youth and Young Adults at the 93rd Annual Meeting of Toronto Conference

Youth and Young Adult participants will gather on:
WHEN: Thursday, May 25th at 12 Noon
WHERE: St. Paul’s United Church, 308 King Street, Midland, ON




It is with joy that we will again be offering an integrated program for youth and young adult participants at the 93rd annual meeting of Toronto Conference. We are seeking youth between the ages of 12 and 17 and young adults between 18 and 25 who are active in their congregations and/or the wider church. We are notifying you early about the nomination process so that your congregation will have time to consider who you would like to send. 

Nomination and Registration Process

This year our requirements for youth and young adult involvement in the annual meeting have changed. You, as a community of faith, can nominate more than one youth/young adult. We invite you to have a discussion about the youth and young adults that you would like to endorse as participants in the AGM, but no voting is required at your annual congregational meeting or at any meeting of your governing body.  The youth nominated need to have a sense that they have been selected to represent their Community of Faith.   

The deadline for applications is March 17, 2017.  All that your need to do is fill it out with the signature of the chair of your community of faith (or their designate) as an endorsement of the youths or young adults that you are nominating.

The planning team will select up to 40 participants from those nominated and will advise all the youth and young adult applicants if they have been chosen.  We will also be asking the presbyteries to include any confirmed youth or young adults on their list of members eligible to vote at the meeting so that they may participate fully in the work of the conference.

Please share the following information with youth, young adults and their families who are interested in attending the annual meeting. 


Arrival and Departure

This year there will be a bus travelling from Toronto (pick up location to be determined) with pick up stops at St. John’s United Church, Alliston and at Grace United Church, Barrie, to ensure that all youth and young adults have transportation to the meeting.  The bus will leave Toronto at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, May 25th to arrive in Midland in time for lunch and participation in a workshop on diversity. All participants will need to be able to be absent from school or work on both Thursday, May 25 and Friday May 26.  In the evening, the youth and young adults will gather together and then will be with the Conference Annual Meeting beginning on Friday morning, May 26th.   Participants will need to arrange their own transportation home on May 27th after the celebration of Ministries Service. More details will follow. You may wish to arrange for youth or young adult participants to travel home with your ministry personnel or a lay representative to conference. If not, it will be the responsibility of the parents to arrange travel pans (participants 18 and over may make their own travel arrangements).


Resource Book

The meeting resource book (with map, directions and other information) including a draft agenda will be available online by the end of March. Please note, if you plan to view the resource book online at the meeting, please download and save to your device to reduce bandwidth usage.




Photographs will be taken during the whole weekend and will be posted to the conference website.  Photos may also be uploaded to the conference Facebook page and twitter account.



This program is fully funded by Toronto Conference, including meals, snacks and accommodation.  There is no cost to youth, young adults, their families or their community of faith for this program. 



If you have any questions about this program, please contact:

Rev. Kerrie Perry,
Minister for Community and Connection,
Northern Waters Presbytery, Toronto Conference.
1800-446-4729, ext 6241,