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TC 425 PD Ministry Position Description

Communities of Faith use this form to create a new ministry position or make a signficant change to an existing position. The form corresponds to the Ministry Articulation Profile (TC 425 MAP). This form is required to declare a vacancy or make a short-term appointment.

TC 425 MAP Ministry Articulation Profile (MAP)

Governing bodies use this form to record their Ministry Articulation Profile in the eight ministry categories

TC 425 V Request to Declare a Vacancy

Governing bodies use this form with Ministry Personnel Committees to request Presbytery to declare a vacancy. Also requires TC 425 MAP, TC 425 PD, TC 425 DFC and PR 436 MI (Manse Information) if applicable.

TC 412 Ministry Personnel: Skills, Gifts and Passions Profile

Ministry Personnel use this form when seeking a new call or appointment in Toronto Conference. Information from the form is entered into the matching system. See the Guidelines for completing the form.

TC 412 SG Guide Ministry Personnel: Skills, Gifts and Passion Profile

Use these guidelines to complete the TC 412 SG Profile

Manse Information Summary Sheet

Must be attached to TC 425 V Request to Declare a Vacancy, and to one of: PR 433 AP Record of Appointment, PR 434 RS Record of Settlement, PR 435 RC Record of Call or PR 435a PRC Provisional Record of Call