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Pulpit Cloth with the words Love, Peace and Joy
Pulpit Cloth from Unity United Church in the Oro-Medonte Township, south of Midland, Ontario.


Welcome to Living Waters Presbytery, in Toronto Conference, The United Church of Canada.

Presbytery Office Location and Hours

Presbytery Chair

Terry Davies, 

Living Waters Presbytery Staff

Todd McDonald

Conference Personnel Minister
416-241-2677 x6235

Rachael Howes

Administrative Assistant
416-241-2677 x6230

Jane Sullivan

Minister for Congregational Support
416-241-2677 x6236

Ren Ito

Social Justice Animator
416-241-2677 x6238

Jeffrey Dale

Youth Ministries Coordinator
416-241-2677 x705-734-0760

Karen Hilfman Millson

Minister for Vision and Mission
416-241-2677 x6233

About Living Waters Presbytery

Living Waters is one of 4 Presbyteries within Toronto Conference.  For a description of our organization and policies see our Presbytery Handbook.

Living Waters Presbytery Mission Statement

The mission of Living Waters Presbytery is to be in life-giving relationship with pastoral charges, missions, camps, outreach ministries, ministry personnel, youth and others in our presbytery, with the wider church and with community partners.

To fulfill that mission, Living Waters Presbytery will work so that:

  • we engage in dialogue with pastoral charges as a priority so that ministry personnel and congregants feel heard
  • we seek justice
  • we celebrate God’s presence
  • we encourage stewardship of time, talents, gifts and assets
  • we act as a resource and we share resources and learnings
  • we are transparent, consultative and accountable
  • we nurture the spiritual life of ministry personnel and lay people in our presbytery
  • we include and engage youth in shaping the church
  • we encourage and support congregations to explore new and additional ministries and missions;
  • we seek to live out Living Waters Presbytery’s declaration to be an Affirming Ministry that is fully inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities in all aspects of the life and work of Presbytery

What is a Presbytery?

The Presbytery is the Court of the Church which oversees the business of the communities of faith within its boundaries, and assists those communities of faith in carrying out the mission of The United Church of Canada. Presbyters include lay representatives elected by their congregation and Ministry Personnel, including retired ministers, serving within the boundaries of the Presbytery. Presbyters and staff deployed to the Presbytery by Toronto Conference are responsible for the governance, administration and program related work within the Presbytery.

For more information, The United Church of Canada Manual describes the role and responsibilities of the Presbytery.

logo_camp_big_canoeCamp Big Canoe

Camp Big Canoe is a camping ministry of The United Church of Canada within the bounds of Living Waters Presbytery. We are extremely proud of our camp! Located near Bracebridge Ontario, Camp Big Canoe offers a variety of excellent programs for children and youth from all walks of life. Financial assistance to make the camping experience available to all is available.